Lee’s Other Healing/Clearing Techniques:

Reiki Healing

  • Receive traditional, natural life-force energy and release any tension or dis-ease, and fully energise yourself.
  • More information on request.


  • Tapping at its best! This wonderful technique helps tap out old stuck beliefs and helps introduce new supportive beliefs.
  • More information on request.

Feng Shui & Interior Design

  • Let your home or office not only look good for you, let that beautiful décor and furniture placement go one step further - let it be truly functional in a beneficial way - a way that positively and easily uplifts your whole life.
  • Also, ask about a Spiritual ‘Cleansing’ of your home or office environment. It can do wonders to unblock negative energy (sha) and help new abundant energy (chi) flow in to you!
  • More information on request.

Life Force Body Balance®

  • Feel vital and alive! Use this natural, liquid, whole-food supplement from land and sea with peace of mind. 121 vital nutrients, 98% immediately absorbed!
  • Ask about our free introductory bottle!
  • Also ask about this potential health industry business opportunity.
  • More information on request.

Raw Vegan Food Coaching

  • Eating wholesome, fresh raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds can totally turn your life around!
  • Excess weight can be released gently and safely, plus many, many more potential health benefits! (Lee has already released 100 pounds (~45 kgs) in weight so far - ask her how she’s done it!)
  • And did you know that Diabetes can be reversed in 30 days! Ask about the DVD that shows you how.
  • More information on request.

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