Some Testimonials:

Lee’s Foundation Life Coaching Programme:

  • “In less than 4 months, I have changed from the inside out - mind, body and spirit. I found Lee’s programme to be holistic (affecting changes in thoughts, diet and exercise, lifestyle and more) while being tailored to suit the somewhat distorted world view of the mentally unwell. Her many tools and processes, catering for different learning styles and levels of understanding, allowed me to become aware of my past negative thinking choices, and take responsibility for them. With Lee’s gentle inspiration, I soon learned new ways of Being based on my own inner guidance. Each week’s learning was reinforced by homework and reviewed in the weeks ahead, ensuring a steady and progressive improvement over weeks and months.

    This approach seems to be radically different from counselling and psychotherapy which I found capable of entrenching victimhood, even though this is obviously not the intention. In contrast, the coaching approach introduces subtle yet powerful changes that make default (unconscious) behaviour conscious, effectively opening it up to choice.

    I have changed from doubting my own ability and being unable to ask for help, to feeling confident about my inner resources: trusting that I have the ability to handle whatever comes my way, even if that requires getting help. I am focused and positive while feeling balanced and grounded - a wonderful change from the hypomania highs and crushing lows that I’ve experienced in the past.

    I am working for the first time in years, making a positive contribution using skills that I didn’t know I had. I am enjoying a hobby that has the potential to become a business, working towards achievable goals based on my values. And… (possibly best of all) I have developed a daily spiritual practice unique to me, allowing me to feel ever more deeply connected with my own inner guidance. For the first time in my life, I am passionate about my life and excited about my future.

    Thank you to Lee for being there when I eventually found the courage to reach out.” CB
  • “I have worked with Lee at ‘Time For You’ for Life Coaching and for Meditation. The impact on my life has been incredible to say the least. My life before Lee was already positive, happy and successful. Now, success comes almost daily, I am even happier, more confident and more positive than ever. The sky is well and truly the limit. I recommend Life Coaching with Lee for everyone wanting to be happier, more confident and more successful in life.” AB

Lee’s Deep Mantra Meditation Programme and Retreats:

  • “The first time I did the Meditation - wow!!! It felt great! What an experience! And that was when my life started to change.” DR
  • “What an enlightening experience!” SR
  • “I must say that I’m a reasonably sceptical person, and it took me a while to take the initial step of making contact with Lee to learn the Meditation. However, after experiencing my first Meditation, I knew that there was more that I wanted to learn about it!” BN
  • “...it bookends our day and gives our time together an even sparklier quality… like breathing pop-rocks!” JS & PQ
  • “I enjoyed the Retreat very much... was great to have nothing to do apart from ‘be’! Yummy food! Thank you!” MG
  • “Great food! Great company! A very enjoyable experience! Perfect location!” JP
  • “A really lovely week-end!” CT

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Time For You, PO Box 3228, NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand
06-753-8988    021-402-200    Email: lee@time4u.co.nz