Leeís Deep Mantra Meditation Retreats:

Deep Mantra Meditation Retreats are held at Wilkinsonís Castle every June and November. They commence at 6pm Friday and finish at 5pm Sunday. Beautiful Wilkinsonís Castle is approximately 45 minutes North of New Plymouth. Itís secluded position near the Wai-iti Cliffs is just perfect for a Meditation Retreat!


Youíll experience the following:

  • An easy-to-follow Weekend Workbook
  • Supportive 24 hour Supervision by Lee
  • Relaxing Pamper Time Experiences
  • Delightful Accommodation and Yummy Vegetarian Food

Additional Benefits of a Deep Mantra Meditation Retreat:

  • You are literally fast-tracking the release of some really deep-rooted stresses, in a safe, supportive and very comfortable way! This enables the listed benefits below to manifest even more quickly!
  • You are also giving your mind and body the amazing opportunity to have some serious rest!
  • This weekend Meditation Retreat is not only great for singles, itís also fabulous for couples, and helps build a fantastic foundation for better quality and more improved relationships!
  • And after only two days, youíll feel amazingly rested and refreshed, maybe even feel like youíve just had a couple of weeks holiday!
  • All this, as well as the usual benefits listed below!

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NB: Eligibility to the Deep Mantra Meditation Retreats is restricted to a maximum of
10 participants who have either learned Deep Mantra Meditation or
Maharishi Mahesh Yogiís Transcendental Meditation.

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